Help & Support

Below is a list of FAQs and this will help you learn how the platform works.

Email us for more information at: support@ior.org

Call us at 0161 232 0991


Preference to work on vacancies is given to BIOR Certified Recruitment Business Partners - Click to get Certified https://ior.org/recruiter-certification

How do I set my profile page?

Go to your dashboard and click on the 'Profile' icon to set up your profile. Consider verifying your profile by clicking ‘Get Profile Verified’ to add credibility and get more responses and approvals to work on vacancies.

How do I set my staff up to use SplitFee?

Admin users (the first email set up on SplitFee) will see a dashboard icon called 'My Staff Settings'. Then click the '+ Add Staff' button and a pop-up form will appear. Fill in the form to add a member of staff. They will then receive their login details. If they don't receive them, always be sure to check your spam folder. If it's in the spam folder then add the SplitFee email address to your safe senders list or contacts list.

How do I set my company profile page?

Go to your dashboard and click on the 'Company Profile' icon to set up your company page and add your company logo and information

How do I schedule auto-posting of my jobs on my social networks?

Go to your dashboard and click on the 'Advertise Your Jobs' icon.

Connect Social Media Channels: From here you can connect your social networks now so you don't miss out! When you add jobs on the SplitFee.org it can auto-post your roles to all your social channels on a regular schedule. That means candidates and other recruiters who you are connected to can find your role and engage with you. Simple, fast, effective.

Set Post Frequency of your job adverts: Set the frequency you would like your jobs to be posted/advertised on your social networks. It's free, quick and easy to set up. Simply select one of the options and press the 'Update' button to save your choice.

What are the platform terms of use?

Click to see the platform terms of use https://splitfee.org/terms-conditions